Why Cloudroya?

Why CloudRoya?

When you select your design & create your account, CloudRoya automatically triggers a list of program calls behind the scene and creates your fully functional website. You can then manage your website through an easy to use live editor to add or modify your images, menu navigations and static pages. However we know, having just a live editor doesn't do much, it just provides you with a way to write articles and create content on the web. The true power of a website comes from the functionality it offers to its users. You should think of your website as a channel of communication that you can leave open 24/7 for your customers. Only with such communication channel, you can start thinking about automation to reduce your operational cost and thus an increase in your profit.

So what does all this means?

Well, to understand this better, we need to take a step back and understand the concept of business. So what does it mean to open a business or a shop? Basically it means that you want to offer a type of service or product for certain market. In order to offer your services, your customers need to be able to first, "Find you" and then "Place their inquiry". Thus as a business owner, you need to "Market your services" and be able to "Receive their inquiries".

A Website, can be the most cost effective way to "Market your product" or "services". In addition, it can also provide you with limitless number of communication channels to "Receive your customer's inquiries" and even provide them with an option to "Pay" for your services online.

Not your Typical Website Builder!
CloudRoya was built with the above concept in mind through every stages of development. Why? because our own website, www.cloudroya.com, was going to be the first client of our system! Yes www.cloudroya.com runs on the exact same system with no exception; We installed all the apps that are built by CloudRoya and are required to automate the website creation and optimization services. Just like anyother website on our Cloud!

This approach allows us to offer a world class website building services that are affordable by ALL and not just big corporations!

How CloudRoya got started?

We are a team of talented entrepreneurs, developers and designers that fully understand the market needs, the proper software development strategies and know how to reuse resources without re-inventing the wheel.

Our team has been developing online software and apps for well over a decade and saw a need to simplify all of our platforms into a simple and intuitive technology that everyone could afford and use. Each iteration of our platform got us closer to creating a perfect system that could do it all in the most simplistic of ways and yet provide a good user experience.

Our platform allows users to easily and quickly create their own web presence without all the technical work, knowlege or expense involved in developing their own software, or having someone else build it for them. CloudRoya can be used to create and manage all aspects of a website, ecommerce store, blog, merchant payments and invoicing, shipping, web apps and many more.

3 of the reasons why more people are choosing CloudRoya:


    Build Anything, Premium Plugins

    Rich collection of plugins to expand your website; Our platform allows for website owners to build & improve their online presence on demand.


    No Hidden Fees, No Contracts

    We believe in transparency, so unlike other platforms we never surprise you with hidden fees or anything that might limit your success.


    We're Here to Help 24/7

    Our technical & design staffs are available 24/7 to help you via phone, chat and our advanced trouble ticketing system.