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SEO Rules - 2016

What does it take to be the first search result for your keyword on google?

To answer this question we need to think about why google would place your website in first place or what is it that makes google decide to present your website rather than someone else's?

Google values free visitors way more than paying customers
Many people might have different opinion but the truth is, google has built an empire because it values the searchers or free visitors the most. People go to google because they want an answer to some question and the most reliable and relevant answer is what google should present to them. If google presents them with the right or most relevant result all the time, then they keep coming back. That generates traffic and traffic is gold.

So google needs to TRUST you in order to place your website in first place and provide you with free organic search traffic.

History & Algorithm changes
In recent years google has implemented four major algorithms to eliminate and ultimately remove none relevant results from its search engine.  

2011 - Panda
Panda concentrates on quality of the document being presented in your html pages. This algorithm over all affected just about 12% of search results.

2012 - Penguin
Google started punishing black hat websites, in another word, started punishing websites that are trying to bend the rules. This algorithm only affected about 4% of search results.

2013 - Hummingbird
Google introduced LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). LSI concentrates on your documents keywords density and its LSI matches. This algorithm affected over 90% of search results.

2015 - Mobile Geddon & SSL
Due to the high number of mobile users, google introduced its mobile algorithm. Secure Responsive websites would be given a better ranking rather than non-responsive/non-secure sites. This algorithm affected over 60% of search results.

Google Pyramid of Trust

Pyramid of Trust

To be on the first page of google you need to make google trust you and it can only happen by following the google's pyramid of trust factors which are Relevancy, Authority, Content & Age.

How relevant your html content is with respect to your search keyword.

How organized, well written, well presented, device friendly and keyword driven your content is.

How old is your website? Google trusts older websites. Why is that? and is there a way around it?

How much authority do you have on the web? How many people talk about you on the web. What's your page rank and how can we increase it fast.


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