Help Center

At CloudRoya we take pride in helping people achieving their business goals. We know that launching and operating a small business website could be costly and most of all takes time and effort. This mentality is a product of years of working and helping small business owners to have their online presence.

Thus, to provide the best experience possible while managing your website, we created the following maintenance and support categories:

1. Technical Support
Our staff members are always here to help you 24/7 with any questions regarding your website app & layout administrative panels.

2. Layout Design & Support
You can choose this category if you have a design, HTML, CSS or even JavaScript question.

3. Industry Template Request
Can't find your industry template? No problem! Contact us using this category and provide us with few example websites and we will create a template for your industry in a few days! You will of course be notified once they are ready!

4. App Advancement Request
We understand that your business evolves over time so does your business needs. If you need any new features added to your current administrative panels, let us know and will consider your request and if possible, will help you achieve them using our system.

To make it even easier we created an interactive online training system to guide you through all the steps required to complete your website and get the training you need to understand the system. You can chose to pause and continue later or you can take action right when you're being prompted with the next training available.

default action menu

If you choose to pause or to stop the training all together, you can always re-start or continue where you left off by going to "Help Center" and select one of the training alert menu options.

How do I open a trouble ticket?

After logging in to your “Dashboard”, on the top main navigation, you will see our “Help Center” menu item. Click on “Help Center” and then “Create a Trouble Ticket”.

If you cannot login to your account and cannot retrieve your password, please contact us via our website contact form, or by contacting our “Live Support” staff.

Why is a ticketing system your primary method of support?

After years of being in the industry and providing support to our clients, we’ve determined that our ticketing system provides the most efficient support for the following main reasons:

  • A ticketing system provides a detailed account of the issue you are having, so that our support staff can quickly and easily get to speed on your problem.
  • More often than not, a complex issue cannot be resolved in a single call. A ticketing system allows for your issue to be easily escalated to a higher level support staff.
  • A ticketing system allows us to review the quality of our support responses and make improvements where necessary.

Our on site live support team is available Monday to Friday from 10AM– 6PM (Easter Time). You can talk live with our staff right when the problem happens or when you have a question.

Call us Toll Free at 1.855.885.2372 or 
Locally in Toronto at 1.647.496.2835

It is highly recommended that before you call our phone support, you first open a trouble ticket and have the ticket number ready to give to our technician. This will speed up the support process.