Why do you need a website?

As technology has evolved through the past decade, internet has become so accessible via almost all devices. The very first thought that comes to mind when starting a search for a need, is to look for it on the internet. People are online all the time. This massive & busy cyber space allows for any business owner to advertise and sell all types of products or services online. If businesses are not presenting their products or services online then they are missing out on potential customers.


Responsive is no longer optional!

People are searching for their needs on Google via their phones more than anywhere else. This makes it mandatory for businesses to have an online presence that is mobile-ready and optimized for search engines. Being mobile-friendly is also the number one rule when it comes to search engine optimization. Avoiding this simple rule can heavily hurt the SEO rankings of any website. 

Search engine optimized content

The term "search engine optimization" is not foreign to business owners. SEO is not easy and doesn't happen over night. However, there are some rules that are common for all businesses and If followed properly, it will quickly increase SEO rankings on google and other search engines. CloudRoya's easy website builder has automated this task. All websites are built with SEO elements that are uniquely designed for each business based on their physical location. 

Google analytics & webmaster tools

Google has an amazing analytics & webmaster tool that can help business owners find the phrases people search on google to find their websites. This information helps calculate the amount of traffic each keyword brings or can bring to each website. Ask us to setup your analytics & campaigns.

Why use CloudRoya?

  1. CloudRoya builds your website and creates its content.
  2. Your new website can be used on all mobile devices. 
  3. Your new website is optimized for search engines.
  4. Your new website comes with an easy-to-use editor.
  5. Your new website comes with 5 premium plugins

What is a premium plugin?
Premium website plugins are collection of web applications that can be used to provide user interactions and further expand the online presence of each business. 

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