How to build & customize your FREE website!

how to build your free website in three easy steps

This short and to the point post will help you get a clear understanding of how quick and easy CloudRoya's control panel is to use. You can have your website ready and begin customizing your content in less than 5 minutes!

Step 1: Registration

Step 1: Registration
  1. Go to
  2. Type in your Username, Email & Password
  3. Congratulations! Your account is ready

Step 2: Login & get to know your interactive trainer

cloudroya's trainer

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your email and password
  3. You are now logged into your website's control panel

Take some time and read the pop-up message to get to know your CloudRoya Trainer. It only takes 30 seconds! We recommend that you follow our interactive training and let our trainer take you through all the necessary steps required to complete your website. Click "let's do it" to go to our industry template store.

Template Store

Step 3: Pick an industry template

We have done extensive research and carefully created fully functional website templates that are ready to go, for numerious industries with new ones being added all the time. You can choose from a list of our industry categories and pick a template that best suits your needs and/or business. All of our templates are fully responsive on all devices and have already been equipped with industry specific website menus and static content placeholders. This has been specifically done to save time and money for small businesses. Your website will be ready once you install your first industry template.

template install

Congratulations your responsive website is ready!

You can view your newly created website by selecting My Site and then Your CloudRoya Temporary Website link.

My Templates

Your final website

Customizing your website

From the dashboard, open the Storage & Live Editor box and then click on Live Editor. This action will take you to our live editor where you can browse through your website pages and modify your website content at the same time. You can also preview and test your website in pre-defined and custom device screen sizes.

Dashboard - Live Editor Link

Your Responsive Website

CloudRoya's live editor

Our live editor provides you with a unique interface to edit & modify your content. From the top right menu, you can click on the edit icon, which changes your current website page into edit mode (see image below).

Live Editor Interface

All aspects of your website have been built with CloudRoya's easy-to-use content management system. Images below are showcasing our unique interface which allows you to modify your website's different blocks of content such as your home page advertising banners, timeline content, team content, website menu,  google map, business hours table, and so much more.

Live Editor Interface Live Editor Interface Live Editor Interface Live Editor Interface Live Editor Interface

Setup your domain name & publish your website

The next step is to setup your website's domain name and set your domain's name servers to point to CloudRoya IP or name servers. From the top menu navigation, open My Site and then click on Site Publishing & Domain Settings to get the necessary information you need to point your domain to your newly created website.

Live Editor Interface Live Editor Interface

Congratulations! You're Live!


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