Location, Location, Location! Right?

This title is often used to emphasize that the location of a particular property is great. However, most websites don’t explain or provide more detail as to why this particular location is amazing. It is not just about how convenient and close the location is to the subway or mall for exampl [...]

Realtors: Find solid buyers fast!

The housing boom in Canada has resulted in record breaking real estate prices; in addition, it has also created a record breaking number of real estate agents all over the country. The number of real estate agents in Canada has reached over 115,000. This number was at 108,000 back in 2014. This me [...]

If you build it, they WON'T come.

People often spend so much time, money and energy on building an amazing website but still don’t get the results they expect from their investment. Yes the reason is, building a website is as easy as one, two, three. You can build your website directly from www.cloudroya.com, with pre-built [...]

Why do you need a website?

As technology has evolved through the past decade, internet has become so accessible via almost all devices. The very first thought that comes to mind when starting a search for a need, is to look for it on the internet. People are online all the time. This massive & busy cyber space allo [...]

Online Appointment & Scheduling

Why an online appointment form? As technology progresses, more people get used to the idea of having everything available to them right from the internet. Phone conversations turned into emails and SMS messages to WhatsApp & Facebook chats. People are becoming more comfortable to the idea of [...]

Local SEO & CloudRoya

Why do you need a website? People are online all the time. This massive & busy cyber space allows for any business owner to advertise or sell all types of products or services. As technology evolved through the past decade, internet has become so accessible via almost all devices. The very fi [...]

CloudRoya’s Layout Management System

In CloudRoya, a Website, is a collection of HTML pages and subsequently an HTML page is a collection of Layout Structures. These layout structures are divided into three categories: Master Layout - Default Layout for the entire website Page Layout – Overwrites master layout if defined A [...]

Website Settings and Configurations

Think of this section as your website's birth certificate. Each website has some unique identities such as website email, name, timezone, countries, and etc. At CloudRoya, this process is as simple as just filling a simple form after you signed up.You can quickly start setting up your website sett [...]

How to build & customize your FREE website!

This short and to the point post will help you get a clear understanding of how quick and easy CloudRoya's control panel is to use. You can have your website ready and begin customizing your content in less than 5 minutes! Step 1: Registration Go to https://www.cloudRoya.com/auth/register [...]

Website Maintenance & Support With CloudRoya

At CloudRoya we take pride in helping people achieving their business goals. We know that launching and operating a small business website could be costly and most of all takes time and effort. This mentality is a product of years of working and helping small business owners to have their online p [...]

Traditional web development VS CloudRoya.

Every small business owner has to deal with a web development firm at some point while operating their business. The truth is having a website is almost mandatory for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Why is owning a website mandatory for business owners? Well, that is a topic on it's o [...]

Strong Beginning, Introducing CloudRoya!

Owning and operating a business is always hard and requires fresh and innovative ideas to stay a head of the curve. In business today having a website has become a necessity. People are constantly searching for pretty much everything on the web before going out to buy whatever it is that they need [...]