Traditional web development VS CloudRoya.

Every small business owner has to deal with a web development firm at some point while operating their business. The truth is having a website is almost mandatory for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Why is owning a website mandatory for business owners? Well, that is a topic on it's own and we will explain in detail how this applies to each industry in another blog post.

Traditional Web Development VS CloudRoya


For the purpose of this post, we will concentrate on the challenges that small business owners face when building their website using the traditional method.

Developing your website:

Let us assume that you've already done all the research and have found the development firm of your choice. Now you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Contact and/or meet them
  2. Spend many hours explaining your project/business
  3. Wait for a quotation
  4. Do the usual negotiations
  5. Once you agree on the price, you need to sign a contract
  6. Send or in some cases re-send your documents and personalization materials such as your favourite colours, logos, images and other material
  7. Wait at least a week or two before you get to see the first draft of your website design
  8. Go through the website design revision stages if any
  9. Once again wait another week or two to see the next draft of your website, and if you're not happy go back to step 7
  10. After that once you agree with the designs you move onto the website development stage
  11. Depending on the size of your project wait at least another month for the development to be ready
  12. Go through another round of website development revisions
  13. Wait another week or two to see the next draft, and if you're not happy go back to step 11
  14. Now Your raw website is ready
  15. If you don't already have web hosting, you need to find one
  16. Install your website on your hosting space
  17. Congratulations! You're website is now LIVE!

Thus depending on the size of your project you have to wait at least two months to see your raw website. That is if you're working with a professional firm/freelancer, otherwise this could take months and could cost thousands of dollars in time and money.

With CloudRoya, you can eliminate all of the above steps especially the cost & time associated with it. Business owners can select from a collection of FREE and Premium industry designed website templates and go LIVE with a simple click.

Training & Content:

Next step is to understand your website content management system and this requires training. Training could also take anywhere from few hours to weeks or sometimes months. It really depends on the software that was used to build your website.

CloudRoya’s interactive online training system is there to guide you through all the required necessary steps until you complete your website. Keep in mind that this is not a one-time training, you can always go back and re-start your training. No need to contact any development firm and ask to re-schedule in case you forget something. CloudRoya will guide you through all the necessary steps required to build your website content.

Maintenance & Support:

Once you open an account you automatically have access to our support & ticketing system. Our staff are here to help you with any of your technical/sales questions to provide you with great experience while building and updating your website. We believe in team work and your success means a world to us. This focus has helped us work together with our clients through every step of their business.


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