CloudRoya’s Layout Management System

In CloudRoya, a Website, is a collection of HTML pages and subsequently an HTML page is a collection of Layout Structures. These layout structures are divided into three categories:

  1. Master Layout - Default Layout for the entire website
  2. Page Layout – Overwrites master layout if defined
  3. App Layout – Overwrites master layout if defined

Each template comes with a prebuilt master layout and few page and app layouts.

Master Layout:

Master layout is a collection of layout structures. These layout structures from the top of the page to the bottom of the page are as follows.

  • Layout Settings & Meta Data
  • HTML Head
  • Header Top
  • Header Content
  • Header Bottom
  • Sidebar Left
  • Content Top
  • Content Data
  • Content Bottom
  • Sidebar Right
  • Footer Top
  • Footer Content
  • Footer Bottom
  • HTML Foot

Aside from Layout Settings, HTML HEAD, HTML Foot and Content Data, the rest of the sections are being populated with “custom blocks”, “menus”, “app blocks” and “widgets”. You can click on the title of each section to see the content inside your layout structure. You can move them around, change their advanced settings even add or remove more blocks in each section.

Layout Settings & Meta Data

In this section you can define some simple SEO settings such as your website title and description as well as your favicon. There are some advanced settings as well which most users never need to change.


If there is ever a need to do more advanced theming, you can add your CSS, JavaScript or Meta Data codes directly into the spot provided here.

Content Data

Content data layout structure is the main HTML output of each page or app. The content of this area is always generated from a page or app. Site owners have full control of the content that can be presented in this section. In this section you only have the option of adding a pre-defined CSS class to the entire section.


Page & App Layouts

Often website owners wish to add a completely a new design or layout for another page on their website. CloudRoya allows you to define new layouts for your “Pages” or even an entire section of your site with a simple tool. This tool is called Page and App Layout.


Similar to master layout page layout has the exact same structure except for “Layout Settings & Meta Data”. You can choose to keep the content the same as master layout, change it entirely or even exclude it from that page or app section.