Website Settings and Configurations

Think of this section as your website's birth certificate. Each website has some unique identities such as website email, name, timezone, countries, and etc. At CloudRoya, this process is as simple as just filling a simple form after you signed up.
You can quickly start setting up your website settings by clicking on the following link.

OR by performing the followings next time you login to your account:
    •    Login to your account
    •    From the top right action menu list, click on red "Settings" (Gear) icon
    •    From the drop down list, click on "Site Info"

This action will then take you to a simple form where you can setup your website's default settings.
Settings Form Fields:
If you have any question about each form field, please click or mouse over on the BLUE "info" button or each BLUE "form field" button.

Your website needs to have a default timezone which can use to specify the proper hours of operations and stamps where required.

This section is mainly used for registration and shipping purposes. Basically you can limit your website to limited number of countries if you are a local business.

Website Name
Your website needs a name. This name will mainly be used when your website is communicating with your users via an email.

Website Email
This is your website default email address. This email address will be used when your website sends our emails to it's users. Note that some

Note: Some apps or website add-ons might have settings that will overwrite the above.

Ajax Loading URL
Your website comes with a default loading image. You can change your default loader by just uploading an image and replacing it here.

The rest of the form fields are pretty self-explanatory. If you have more questions about any of the fields, please click on YELLOW "Need Help?" button.

Website_ Settings & Configurations