Realtors: Find solid buyers fast!

The housing boom in Canada has resulted in record breaking real estate prices; in addition, it has also created a record breaking number of real estate agents all over the country. The number of real estate agents in Canada has reached over 115,000. This number was at 108,000 back in 2014. This means there is 1 agent in Canada for every 260 people over the age of 19.


Therefore, if you are just starting and you know about 200 people on Facebook and few hundreds on LinkedIn, then you’re doing really well if you can manage to even sell ONE house in your first year. After all a lot of this depends on your network. In 2014 there was 40,000 agents in Toronto, perhaps the hottest market in the country, 4,000 of them dropped out by the end of that year.

In a market like this, finding a solid buyer fast for any property is a key to succeed. Being an agent is the same as being an artist and that’s why only 10% of agents are responsible for over 90% of the transactions on MLS. You have to find all opportunities to first create a connection, then do a deal and then find more connections. The deal brings you revenue and the connection is like advertising to bring more repeat clients over and over.

How do you find solid buyers on the internet?

To understand this better, you need to understand why people are searching for a property online. Many would argue that “well, maybe they do not know of an agent”, however, based on the stats provided by Canadian Real Estate Associations, almost all people in Canada, know at least one real estate agent. Thus people are not on the net searching for properties, because they don’t know any better.

Re-searchers VS Dealers

When it comes to online market there are two types of buyers, people who are re-searching an area and would like to probably invest while some other people are simply looking for a deal. Meaning that they are probably looking to move and still have time to find a good deal. You never know what type of visitor you have on your website unless they take certain actions to tell you who they are.

So a real estate website, is not just about pulling available properties via and IDX or DDF calls. You need to look at it as your online office. What you do on your day-to-day activity needs to be placed on your website, if you have a great opportunity, you need to place it on your website and then advertise for it. Only with an approach like this, realtors can expect to build a targeted audience, collect their information and further contact them and notify them of available opportunities. Again back to closing a transaction and finding connections.

Lead Pages

Our landing pages plugin provides a way for realtors to do all of the above with ease. Realtors can easily pull the property information directly from MLS or even create a complete custom listing. This enables realtors to create a very unique website which only concentrates on one specific property. Therefore, it helps creating a greater exposure, setting up open houses and ultimately finding a solid buyer in the shortest period of time possible.

The next step is to bring traffic to this newly created page. Remember, with advertising realtors can bring targeted traffic to get them to take valuable actions on each website (read: “if you build it, they won’t come” to completely understand the cycle). There are two major ways of advertising for this lead page using our services.

Domain & QR codes:
Realtors can convert this lead page into a full website by purchasing a domain and then download its QR code. This can later be forwarded to print department to create a sign that can be placed on top of the “For Sale” sign. This action allows for any local visitor to quickly gain access to the property information, to schedule a showing, see the open house dates or even inquire about it in real time.

Kijiji Ad scheduler:
CloudRoya has created an ad scheduler for Kijiji. Realtors can purchase our Kijiji Ad scheduler to schedule ads for each lead page. These ads will automatically be placed on Kijiji to make sure there is always a flow of traffic to your lead page.

Where is the Valuable Action?

Remember, all that traffic means nothing if your visitors just visit your site and do nothing. RealTime Connect plugin encourages your visitors to talk to you directly from your website. RealTime Connect asks for your visitors phone number and then calls all the agents in your team in an order. Yes, your website will be your automated receptionist calling you to let you know of a call from a certain person who is interested to speak to you about the advertised property. You can then accept or decline the call. If you miss a call, then you can always go back and look into the call history in your website.

Create and advertise your first lead page today!