Location, Location, Location! Right?

This title is often used to emphasize that the location of a particular property is great. However, most websites don’t explain or provide more detail as to why this particular location is amazing. It is not just about how convenient and close the location is to the subway or mall for example. Few of the questions about a location that come to mind are as follows:

  • What is so special about this particular location other than what’s being said in the property's detail?
  • What is the average household income in this neighbourhood?
  • What are the close by amenities in the area?
  • How many properties are for sale?
  • How many properties are for lease?
  • What are the average prices in this locale?
  • Are there any close by parks?
  • What are the close by schools, and how well do they rank?
  • Are there any close by recreational activities for adults & kids?

These are all valid questions that majority of realtors forget to answer on their websites. Your visitors turn into leads when they TRUST you and only then they provide you with their information on your website. If you are a realtor who is concentrating on a local market, which you should, then you REALLY need to know your local area. You need to have a place on your website to properly introduce your targeted locations to your potential clients. Not to mention these pages are great for SEO as well as lead generation. 

Neighbourhoods Application

To help realtors bring greater exposure to their local market, CloudRoya has launched a location manager for realtors. We call it Neighbourhoods! With this app you can easily target as many locations as you wish on your website. Simply type in the location name and some detailed information about why this location is great to move into, or invest in, and let our software do the rest and provide your visitors with the stats they need.

Start promoting yourself in your local market today!