If you build it, they WON'T come.

People often spend so much time, money and energy on building an amazing website but still don’t get the results they expect from their investment. Yes the reason is, building a website is as easy as one, two, three. You can build your website directly from www.cloudroya.com, with pre-built content and high-end designs to get you started. It takes less than a minute. However, traffic that comes to your website and what that traffic does while visiting your website, is what matters the most.


People often think a website is a source of advertisement. That is the wrong idea. A website is a collection of plugins that encourage visitors to take valuable actions on each page. An advertisement, on the other hand, is the way to find traffic for your website. Thus, with advertising, you can bring quality traffic to encourage them to take certain actions on your website.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is an extension that can add functionality or new features to your website. Basically, it encourages your visitors to do something on your website. For example,Contact From is a plugin that emails the visitor's message to the site owner.

What is a valuable action?

For a website that is representing a real estate professional, an example of a valuableaction is for the visitor to submit the contact form. This action means, the content on this website is so well presented that this visitor would like to possibly inquire about a property.  

Where do visitors come from?

To bring traffic to your website you need to advertise, have high SEO rankings on search engines and finally a great social media presence. Advertising quickly brings targeted visitors while SEO and SMM (Social Media Marketing) takes longer. Thus our suggestion is always to do each one of them properly. With advertising you can start talking to your potential leads and generate revenue, while SEO ranking depends on your website’s age, content, authority and finally the relevancy of your keywords to your content. 

The longer you wait, the harder it becomes. Start today!