CloudRoya’s Layout Management System

In CloudRoya, a Website, is a collection of HTML pages and subsequently an HTML page is a collection of Layout Structures. These layout structures are divided into three categories: Master Layout - Default Layout for the entire website Page Layout – Overwrites master layout if defined A [...]

Website Settings and Configurations

Think of this section as your website's birth certificate. Each website has some unique identities such as website email, name, timezone, countries, and etc. At CloudRoya, this process is as simple as just filling a simple form after you signed up.You can quickly start setting up your website sett [...]

How to build & customize your FREE website!

This short and to the point post will help you get a clear understanding of how quick and easy CloudRoya's control panel is to use. You can have your website ready and begin customizing your content in less than 5 minutes! Step 1: Registration Go to https://www.cloudRoya.com/auth/register [...]