Real Estate

Location, Location, Location! Right?

This title is often used to emphasize that the location of a particular property is great. However, most websites don’t explain or provide more detail as to why this particular location is amazing. It is not just about how convenient and close the location is to the subway or mall for exampl [...]

Realtors: Find solid buyers fast!

The housing boom in Canada has resulted in record breaking real estate prices; in addition, it has also created a record breaking number of real estate agents all over the country. The number of real estate agents in Canada has reached over 115,000. This number was at 108,000 back in 2014. This me [...]

If you build it, they WON'T come.

People often spend so much time, money and energy on building an amazing website but still don’t get the results they expect from their investment. Yes the reason is, building a website is as easy as one, two, three. You can build your website directly from, with pre-built [...]

Why do you need a website?

As technology has evolved through the past decade, internet has become so accessible via almost all devices. The very first thought that comes to mind when starting a search for a need, is to look for it on the internet. People are online all the time. This massive & busy cyber space allo [...]