General Updates

How to build & customize your FREE website!

This short and to the point post will help you get a clear understanding of how quick and easy CloudRoya's control panel is to use. You can have your website ready and begin customizing your content in less than 5 minutes! Step 1: Registration Go to [...]

Website Maintenance & Support With CloudRoya

At CloudRoya we take pride in helping people achieving their business goals. We know that launching and operating a small business website could be costly and most of all takes time and effort. This mentality is a product of years of working and helping small business owners to have their online p [...]

Traditional web development VS CloudRoya.

Every small business owner has to deal with a web development firm at some point while operating their business. The truth is having a website is almost mandatory for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Why is owning a website mandatory for business owners? Well, that is a topic on it's o [...]

Strong Beginning, Introducing CloudRoya!

Owning and operating a business is always hard and requires fresh and innovative ideas to stay a head of the curve. In business today having a website has become a necessity. People are constantly searching for pretty much everything on the web before going out to buy whatever it is that they need [...]