Members App allows site owners to create members only area and set Public registration options.

User registration settings

Public registrations:

  • Only site administrators can create new user accounts.
  • Visitors can create accounts and approval activiation email will activate their account.
  • Visitors can create accounts with human verification quize, no activation email or admin approval is required.
  • Visitors can create accounts but administrator approval is required.

By default, e-mail verification is required. 

In addition to above, you can also easily include customer address form up on registration and make those fields required for your members to register.

User e-mail settings

Customize welcome e-mail messages sent to new member accounts created by an administrator. 

You have a variety of potential e-mail templates to create and use.

  • Welcome/Registration, new user signed up
  • Password recovery email
  • Account activation email


There is an optional input field which you can type in the URL in which you would like your users to redirect to after login into the website.

Access Roles

With Members app you could create different access roles and assign them to your members. These roles later on can be assigned to your static page content or you could assign them to your apps. Thus your members need to login before accessing those areas of your site.